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In Episode #9 of OneMoreQuestion Ross speaks to entrepreneur turned venture capitalist, Yossi Hasson, about how a deeper understanding of their brand is helping guide Techstars in a singular direction and how blockchain may affect brand building in the future. Yossi Hasson co-founded SYNAQ, WeThinkCode_, and OnChain Capital. He has built and invested in businesses on multiple continents, and mentored business owners from around the world. Currently Managing Director of Alchemist Blockchain Techstars Accelerator, he works with and invests in founders building the decentralized economy. This episode of One More Question gives insight into how a strong brand can set you apart from competitors offering a similar service, how it can provide a focussed vision to guide your market approach, and how blockchain and open source software may affect branding in the future.

Episode Notes

**More about Yossi **

Yossi Hasson is a South African Entrepreneur turned VC.

After co-founding and later selling his stake in, SYNAQ, a leading cloud email service provider, Yossi launched and ran the Techstars FinTech accelerator program with Barclays as partner. The program was based in Cape Town and chose 10 promising FinTech start-ups from around the world for seed investment, mentorship, office space, and training. It was also Techstars’ first Accelerator program on the African continent.

Since May 2018, Yossi has been the Managing Director of Alchemist Blockchain Techstars Accelerator, launching Techstars first dedicated Blockchain Accelerator in New York City. Through Techstars he continues to work with and invest in founders building the decentralized economy.

Yossi is a co-founder of PAN-African coding school, WeThinkCode_, and crypto investment fund, Onchain Capital. He has invested in over 15 companies, throughout Europe, the Americas, and Africa. He is mainly focussed on open source software, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and Fintech.

You can find more on Yossi, here:

Yossi Hasson

Show Notes
Shai Evian
Stephen Cuzen
Steven Koseff
Bill Gates
David Brown
David Cohen
Satoshi Nakamoto
Marguerite deCourcelle

Liquid Chefs
Neon District

New York City
South Africa
Cape Town

Startup Weekend
Metcalfe’s Law
Crypto Currencies
Bitcoin Cash
Mario Bros.

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