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In Episode #8 of One More Question Ross speaks to Jeff Large — owner of Come Alive Creative — about his journey into podcasting and how to determine if hosting a podcast is the right avenue for your brand, setting goals for your business, and making sure you speak to the right market. Jeff’s natural curiosity has taken him from being an art teacher to co-founding a board game developer, heading up a graphic and web design agency, and creating multiple podcasts. His journey has seen him interview a multitude of people, from everyday experts to heads of businesses and corporations — all in the name of curiosity and podcasting. By following his curiosity and learning anywhere he could, Jeff was able to double down on podcasting and build Come Alive Creative into the podcast industry authority it is today, creating shows across multiple industries for its clients. Thinking of starting a podcast? Then this episode may hold the answers you’ve been looking for - it may even hold answers to questions that you haven’t yet thought of asking.

Episode Notes

More about Jeff

Jeff Large is a podcast producer and strategist. He founded and runs Come Alive Creative, a podcast production company that helps brands and businesses produce their own podcasts.

Come Alive Creative can help with everything from strategy to professional production, syndication, and thorough promotion of your podcast without any hassle.

Owing to his natural curiosity, Jeff spends most days questioning and learning. He likes managing projects, making the complicated understandable, and repurposing content for maximum efficiency.

Find Jeff and his work, here:

Jeff Large

Show Notes

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Ira Glass
Rich (Mulholland)
Chris Sacca
Howard Benson
Charles Mechem
Rebecca Love

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One More Question is a podcast by Nicework a Brand and Service Design Company. One of the things we do best is asking our clients the right questions. This podcast came about because we want to share some of the best answers we have heard over the last 12 years. We talk to significant creators, experts and communicators who we have encountered. To share the useful insights, inspirations and facts that made us stop and take notes as we go about our work. Hosted by our Founder Ross Drakes.

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